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Hi, I am Tim Hilmo, and I own and operate Wild Country Outfitting (WCO) with my wife, Joleen Meshnik. I am also a licensed Montana outfitter. At Wild Country Outfitting, we are hunters, and we love to hunt. We hunt hard with you to give you and every hunter we take a true Montana experience. Hunting elk is hard, and we push the limits. Being in excellent physical condition is a must, and even then, we will push the limits of what you can do. We will be up early and out late. We will go places no one else goes. We will ride horses for hours in the dark to get to where the elk are at daybreak. We often find ourselves backpacking your elk from “hell” holes no one should ever venture into!

All our hunting camps are based in the backcountry, packed in with horses and mules into the middle of nowhere to give us a strategic advantage for hunting. If we decide to go after elk a considerable distance from our base camps, we will spike out if it gives us an advantage. Our wall tent camps are very comfortable (even a bit luxurious), and the cooks are excellent. You might even gain weight (ok, doubtful), and our hunting country is beautiful. Sometimes what I will do to find a big bull has been described as “crazy.” Maybe that’s true, but it’s all in the pursuit of what we love….hunting elk. We will hunt harder than anyone for you, do it safely, and have lots and lots of fun. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and want to experience a true Montana Wilderness Hunt, come with us!!! Check out our hunt dates, prices, photos, and stories, and email or call us for more information.

Thank you, Tim

Elk Hunts in Montana

Montana Wilderness Hunts

All our hunts occur in the backcountry of Montana, far from any roads. The remoteness offers excellent opportunities for hunting big game in their natural environment.  Hunts are by horseback and foot, leaving well before daylight and sometimes arriving back at camp well after dark.  We hunt hard in vast country, and sometimes up to 10-12 miles from the base camp.  When we are hunting country far from our basecamps, we will spike out at times to save morning and evening travel time.  We keep stock in camp for packing out game once an animal is harvested.  Weather depending, we may take the meat back to camp or back the meat back to the truck and butcher.


Our canvas wall tent base camps serve as the launching point for your backcountry hunting adventure.  Accessible only by foot or horse, these camps offer everything you can want in a comfortable camp despite being located in the middle of nowhere.  After a hard day’s hunt, nothing beats coming back to a comfortable camp, taking a hot shower, and eating a home-cooked meal with your hunting companions.

Safety and Commitment

Safety is our top priority, and our guides are certified in first aid and well-versed in emergency protocols. As stewards of the land and wildlife, we are committed to conservation and sustainable hunting practices. We work closely with local land and wildlife agencies to ensure that our hunts are conducted responsibly and in accordance with all regulations and quotas. At Wild Country Outfitting in Montana, we invite you to embark on a journey that will test your skills, invigorate your spirit, and forge memories to last a lifetime. Join us and discover the true essence of the Montana wilderness, where the hunt is more than a pursuit—it’s a way of life.

Montana Elk Hunts

Elk hunting is our specialty. We offer three different types of elk hunts: Archery, Early Season Rifle, and General Season Rifle. Elk hunters usually have their preference of how they enjoy hunting elk, and by offering these 3 types of hunts, we usually offer what you like.

Mule Deer Hunts

We typically only harvest deer when we are elk hunting, and we see a shooter muley or whitey buck, or a hunter tags a bull early in the hunt and spends the rest of their hunt hunting deer or bears. However, if you want to only hunt deer, we can offer trophy muley hunts primarily.

Bear Bear Hunts

Our hunting areas have really good bear numbers, and yes, we have both black bears and grizzly bears. We do not hunt grizzly bears, only black bears. We offer spring bear hunts or fall bear hunts, as our wilderness hunting areas are excellent for bear hunting.

Wilderness Camps

We hunt in the Lolo National Forest Southwest of Missoula and the Bob Marshall Wilderness north of Ovando, operating on two permits with the United States Forest Service. Our camps are as comfortable as they get, and if you have any worries about riding into the middle of nowhere and roughing it, you need not worry. Bring a good sleeping bag, and you will be set!

Ranch Creek Base Camp

Our John Longs Base Camp is nestled deep into the backcountry and strategically located to give us excellent hunting in all directions.

Spike Camp in the Lolo Forest

Sitting above 7000′ of elevation, this established spike camp is by no way roughing it.

Monture Creek Camp

Our 2M Base Camp, located in the Bob Marshall complex, is home to our summer vacation trips and fall hunting trips.

Big D Wilderness Camp

Our Big D Wilderness Camp put us in elk country for an early-season rifle hunt in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Drop Camps

We offer a drop camp service if you have your own gear and your own spot picked out and just want us to pack you in.

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My family has passed down the tradition of hunting for too many generations to count. I have had opportunities to hunt and fly fish both in a DIY fashion and a guided set up. Chasing wildlife has brought me from Canada to Bolivia at a fairly young age. I have harvested animals on guided trips and unguided. I give all this background to say that I have been blessed and cursed by many lazy guides and/or personality conflicts.

My first experience with Tim and the Wild Country team was truly an amazing one. My dad and I took a 9-day archery backcountry trip, and we were able to harvest a 6×6 bull and a great black bear with a bow. We were on elk almost every day, and if we weren’t in them, we were planning our approach. The knowledge of the area and skill set of the team was evident in our success and our experience. The team also did whatever it took to get on animals and retrieve them. In addition to the talent and hard work of the team, we gained with two kills and much more. We had a great time in camp and on the horses. We were able to experience the country that the Montana off-beaten path brings. Most of all, we gained new friends that we will have forever.

I will always recommend the Wild Country Experience. We are returning for the fourth season with the team and have harvested bear and another 6×6 bull with them over the years. These guys are my type of hunters; they go where the animals go. No matter the incline or elevation.

Spencer W

Tim and his crew are the hardest working outfitters I have come across. They go the extra mile to make sure you have an authentic hunting adventure. From horseback riding to hiking and glassing, you will truly get to test your backcountry ability and experience some of nature’s finest wilderness!

Jacob B

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